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Do your pumps match your purse? Does your mani match your pedi? You must have a branded wedding. // Branding your event means paying attention to the details to make sure all of your communications and decor are cohesive. Your story deserves to be told in the most beautiful and unique way. A way that connects with your guests and fits your unique personalities. The most memorable events are the ones that stir emotion, evoke memories, describe dreams. Working with us on your brand is the perfect way to begin the plan for your wedding. 

In order for us to tell your story in the very best and unique way, we will work through few several steps: from the presentation of your needs to the design process. Custom branding packages for events are our favorite projects to work on and we usually reach the number we want to take per season quite quickly so make sure to inquire as soon as you think you would like to work with us.

Brand Packages are completely customizable, however here are some ideas! List package ideas, items that they may want. Put images together including rental images.

S T E P   1   –   C O N S U L T A T I O N

We are always very happy to hear or read all about your story!! Our initial consultations are free of charge. We love to build relationships with our clients and sitting down in person is the perfect way to get started. We offer skype, email and phone consults as well for those not in Bloomington. This first consulation is when we discuss the ambiance, aesthetic and color palette of your wedding or event. We talk about details and dates; we get all of the important stuff in our notes!

S T E P   2   –   W E L C O M E  &  M O R E

After the consultation, we like to start gathering more detailed information about your style. You will receive this welcome brochure and some questioneres about wording choices, colors and timelines, as well as our font catalogue.

S T E P   3   –   D E T A I L S   &   P R I C I N G

During this step we create a sketch + estimate lookbook bringing together inspirational images representing the sens and aesthetic of your brand. The initial sketches show different ways of incorporating each design in the final pieces. This first proposal will not include finalized designs, but simply sketches and ideas with 

pricing so that we can get started quickly. It will be enough, however to give you confidence that we can work well together to create something exceptional for you. Once you’ve had enough time to review it and that all your questions have been answered, you can pay the deposit. This is where the design process starts!

S T E P  3   –   D E S I G N   P R O C E S S

Now we start to see more finalized design PDFs via our questionere system. This step usually takes about 2-4 weeks, (or whatever our timeline allows for) then as soon as you get the digital glimpse, you may use our seemless system to make comments on the form, or we can set up a meeting or phone call. Your comments will be important for you to guide us through your initial thoughts about the design and share what you love and do not love. Then we will collaborate together to work on the changes in order to move all the design aspects in the “love” category. You are given 3 rounds of proofs to reach your desired design. Additionals may add to your estimated costs.

S T E P  4  –   P H Y S I C A L   P R O O F

You receive a paper version of the full artwork within 2 weeks of giving your final approvals on design. You will be able to review the finalized & printed result. This part is very important as it will allow you to check the design and spelling of every piece of the invitation suite. As soon as we receive the changes needed, you will give your final approval for printing!

S T E P   5   –   F I N A L

Now all designs are complete and ready for printing! Your final balance is due before this production can begin. Standard printing time for flat printing takes about 2 weeks, and assembly takes between 3 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of your suite. (Consult your individual timeline for exact dates) Once all the pieces are assembled your invitations will be mailed and your guests will get the first glimpse into this chapter of your story!

STEP 5: Assembly & Mailing

Depending on the options you book, you may have decided that you want to assemble & mail your invitations on your own. In that case, the invitations and envelopes will be shipped to you.

However, if you have hired us to do this step we will most likely be completing the addressing and calligraphy for your envelopes as well before mailing them to your guests. After the addressing, I will package your invitations with extreme care and deliver them to the post office. Please be aware the USPS is a third-party and I can not be held responsible for issues with mailing. I do promise that I take every precaution to ensure as safe of a mailing process as possible for your custom wedding invitations! And don't worry, I always keep extras on hand if any don't make it through the USPS mailing service for some reason. 

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